Albert Walicki

Google is the best friend of every developer. Let’s use it to boost productivity

Knowing how to google is the most important skill for a developer. Everyone uses Google — junior developers, mid, or senior. It’s not cheating to google everything! But do you really know how to google efficiently? Let me show you some google hacks.

Explicit Phrase

Search for an explicit phrase by enclosing…

Many people build weather apps to show off their new skills. Don’t let yours be boring

Nowadays, it’s hard to get your first job without impressing somebody with your portfolio. Everybody is creating weather apps, but does everybody have custom CSS-based images in theirs? Let’s create unique images to boost your portfolio.

There are multiple shapes that we can create in CSS, so why not create…

And an intro to glassmorphism

Last year’s neumorphism trend was horrible and awful. In 2020 I expected something even worse, but Michał Malewicz, the creator of the neumorphism style, wrote about something fresh and good-looking — glassmorphism style.

Let’s take a look at it.

New Trend

Glassmorphism is a new trend which is getting more popular on…

Albert Walicki

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